Movers Tales: Monsters Under the Bed

It is often the case that people, especially people that have lived somewhere for many years, forget about the treasures (monsters) they have accumulated and put away.  As time goes on, there can be layers of “treasure” hiding other layers of “treasure” from view and creating surprises for all when it comes time to move.

In packing the children’s bedroom of one of our customers, we were told that the bunk bed would be left behind, but that there were things stored underneath (i.e. treasures aka monsters) that would be coming and needed to be packed.   Nothing unusual in that.  Underneath beds are great spots to bury treasures.   Our mover found out the hard (pointy) way, that among the treasures was a porcupine pelt.  Boy scout camp?

Fortunately he’d reached in carefully.  No injury, no hard feelings… well, you know what we mean.