Movers Tales: Hurry, Wait

It isn’t unusual to get a call from a harried citizen needing something done on very short notice. Often this is what happens when too many things are planned for too little time, and time is running out.

We ran into this situation when a Gramercy Park homeowner called and desperately asked us to come right away.  She needed a dresser to be delivered to an auction house, and the mover she had regularly used failed to show.  The auction was imminent, and so was her departure time on a long awaited cruise. Our fees were not an issue but most important was that we had to be able to get there quickly.

So, hurry we did, and quick we were.  A housekeeper answered when we rang the bell, asked us to kindly wait a moment , and disappeared  back into the residence.  After 10 minutes waiting, we rang again and were asked to kindly wait a few more minutes.  Finally, the door was opened and we were led into a large formal foyer where every single item of furniture, every lamp, every exposed shelf and surface, the entire floor, everything except the dresser for auction had been covered by white bed sheets.

Making her first appearance, our customer, the desperate caller, pointed to the dresser for auction.  She hurriedly explained that in her frenzy to find a replacement for her now former (she repeated this several times) mover, she had completely forgotten to have everything else in the room covered.  So, as we waited, she helped her assistant in doing so.  Why did it all need to be covered?  The thought arose that perhaps a breathless house painter would be the next to arrive, but that was not it.

She needed to cover everything because, as she memorably put it, “You know how dusty you people are.”

We successfully delivered the dresser, and received our payment and a generous tip.  Her glowing recommendation to her acquaintances led to several of them hiring us. We turned out not to be so dusty after all.

Easy Steps to Deciding Whether to Store

Top 5 Easy Steps to Deciding Whether to Store or Not to Store

“To store or not to store?” That is the question people often ask themselves, whether in planning a move, or in reorganizing their living or work space.  You may be engaging contractors for the long planned renovations and need everything packed and removed so the work can go on efficiently. It could be for a long or short time. Whatever your storage needs, whether it is your household or your business, whether its a large or small number of items, Rainbow Movers NY storage service is reliable, adaptable to your needs, and fairly priced.  To help you determine exactly what those needs are, please read these Five Easy Steps:

1. Decide whether you really want to keep the things you’re thinking of storing.

It makes little sense and costs many dollars to store things you don’t need or that have outlived their utility.  It is understandable that there are some things you just can’t part with. Sentimental storage is a subjective decision you’ll need to make, since the value of the old comfy chair, the LP collection, the kids drawings, the figurine from your Great Aunt is often not in their financial worth. But the den furniture needing repair or refinishing, the old furniture from your office (will you ever really want to use that old metal desk?), the extra mattresses, the window air conditioner from your last apartment, CRT TV, computer, college textbooks… are in quite another category. Will you ever really want to use them again? We advise you to give some thought to the things you want to put in storage and only store the things you are certain you want to keep.

2. Pack your things carefully and number your boxes.

As you pack your boxes, imagine the day you will be unpacking them and using the items again. Won’t it be great to find them as usable as the day they went in the box?  So make sure everything is washed, folded and organized for the time you need to use them again. Number each box and write a key word describing the contents on the top and sides of the boxes so that you can easily track and identify each one.

3. Make an inventory list of everything you put into storage.

An inventory with box numbers and content descriptions is a great way to track and remind yourself at-a-glance of everything you have in storage. The movers will always prepare an inventory based on their numbered tickets and can easily add your numbering to the paperwork, so if you need to pull out something specific, like a box of cookware or books, your tax papers or next season’s clothes, you just have to refer to the inventory list to find the right box. When you move your belongings out of storage, the inventory will help the efficiency of your entire move, reduce a good bit of the stress that might be there otherwise, and ensure that the boxes end up in the right rooms.

4. Use the right size boxes.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. It is important to use the right size boxes for your belongings. Large boxes filled with heavy items like books can end up being too heavy to lift safely and are more likely to split open for exceeding their designed weight limit.  Boxes that are not filled completely may get damaged or crushed in a stack, so use the right sized box and fill it completely. Rainbow Movers NY can help you figure out sizes and quantities of boxes you’ll need for your storage items, give you some tips about packing your boxes, and we can supply them for you too.

5. Set a target date in the future to re-evaluate whether you still need to store your things.

You’ll want to give a thought to your storage unit on a regular basis. One way to do that is to put an appointment in your calendar every 3-6 months. When that appointment reminder pops up on your computer or cellphone, pull out your inventory and have a good look at it. If you still need to store these things, then make another appointment to think about them again in 3-6 months. If you want to bring them home, sell them or get rid of them, set a date and make a plan.

So if you are thinking about putting any or all of your belongings into storage, please contact us for a quote. We can pick up, store, and re-deliver your things. We can also help you pack and label them properly, and then deliver them back to you when you are ready.

Planning Your Stress-Free Move

Five Tips For Planning Your Stress-Free Move

Congratulations! You found a new place to live!

Before you can lounge in your new living room, however, you need to focus on moving out of your current home. To keep your stress level down, start planning ahead with these five tips:

1.  Pick a Date

Your new lease has a start date, and that’s usually the day to aim for. If you have a few days of leeway, you may be able to pick the most convenient date for your move. Your neighborhood may be very busy on weekends, there may be a street fair, so a weekday move might be best. Or vice versa. Some buildings only allow weekday moves. The key is to pick the ideal date for you and work from there.

2.  Clear Out the Clutter

A move is the perfect time to simplify your life and throw out things you don’t need or want. You have to go through every single thing in your home anyway, so why not take advantage and get rid of some stuff? Some things are easy to toss (old clothes, old papers). Other things may feel sentimental. So ask yourself this question, “Do I need the object to hold on to the memory associated with it?”  The answer may be no and you will find that it is a relief to lighten your load both figuratively and actually.

3.  Choose a Moving Company

Unless you are a college student with lots of friends who will work for pizza, odds are you will need to bring in a moving company. We find that average apartments in New York City require 20 – 70 boxes to move, as well as living room and bedroom furniture. Of course we encourage you to use Rainbow Movers NY, but we understand you may want to speak with several companies. Read our posting, 5 Questions To Ask Your Next Moving Company.” And then call us.

4.  Make Arrangements for Both Buildings

If you are moving from one apartment to another one, check with both buildings to arrange your move. You may have to reserve the date and secure access to the elevators and delivery entrances or loading docks. There may be other moving restrictions or requirements in your buildings, and you need to know about them and make arrangements in advance. You don’t want to find out you can’t move with the moving truck parked on a New York City street!

5.  Pack Your “Here I Am” Boxes

We’ve written about Here I Am boxes on our blog, but it is worth mentioning again. Pack up 1-4 boxes with the essential items that you’ll need immediately in your new home, which may include:

  • Clothing for a few days
  • Bed linens and towels
  • Basic kitchen and bathroom items
  • Key pacifying toys for your kids
  • Electronic cables, chargers, remote controls

We ask our clients to mark their “Here I Am” boxes with a big X on all sides. Our movers will know to look for those boxes and put them in a special spot in your new apartment for easy access.

Be sure to pack any valuables and important medications that you want to take to your new place yourself.

We aim to keep your stress to a minimum by helping you prepare in advance and be ready for Moving Day. We handle every customer’s individual needs. That’s why they come back to us for their next move, and it’s also why we have been in business since 1978.

Call Rainbow Movers NY for information and an on-site estimate for your next residential or commercial move! We have a Special Offer on Storage Services too!

Recommendation for Business IT Needs

When a person or a company does a really great job for us, we like to recommend them and their services to others.

Jeff Haynor can help you with your business IT and CRM needs.

A business partner I am happy to give a recommendation for is Orion Integrated IT. If your IT needs involve a Mac (or an office full of them) and a CRM program, we think very highly of Orion IT. They have expertise in most things Macintosh, but we came to know Jeff Haynor and his team when we engaged them to help us to setup the Daylite CRM program.  If you do not want the time-wasting frustration of wrestling with help pages and online bulletin boards, and you DO want to adapt a great CRM program to your business needs, we recommend contacting Orion IT.

Do you have a great professional or business service you can recommend to us?


[Photo courtesy of Paul Kirk at Paul Kirk Galleries]