You Made the Move, Now Make a Change

There can be something transformational about moving into a new space. First you get the chance to say hello to the historical parade of things you have valued enough to keep and keep again as you pack and unpack each individual item. Then there are the things you now have the opportunity to say goodbye to. Change can freshen your perspective as you make a new start living in new space.

So why stop with just the changes to your space and the things you put in it? Your move is also an opportunity to make other changes you may have been meaning to make in your life for a while.

Rainbow Movers is a company that aims to make the process of moving into your new home, office or venue as stress-free as possible. We also like it if we get the chance to help our clients take the adventure of their move even further by introducing them to some great people we know and trust, who provide extremely useful and forward-looking services.

Olympic athletes never make a move without consulting with their coaches, who become accountability partners in crystallizing and achieving goals. We could all benefit from this kind of coaching partnership in our business and personal lives. Coaches offer invaluable and personally applied expertise. I’d like to speak up for two coaches I know well, whose work has affected m in business and in my everyday life.

Jeri Quinn of Driving Improved Results is a business coach who can help you motivate your employees, grow your business, improve your results, or any other business related challenges you may be facing.  Whether you own your own business or lead a team in a company, Jeri can help you set goals effectively and develop the best strategy to reach them. She has helped Rainbow Movers immensely (watch the video above), and we can’t recommend her services highly enough.

Christy Goldfeder Delicious Life Health Coaching will help YOU take control of your diet!  Taking care of yourself means eating right, exercising, and getting the rest you need.  Simple, right? Well, we know it’s not always simple at all. That’s when an expert in nutrition and wellness like Christy can bring her experience to your individual needs. Christy’s down to earth style makes these concepts easy to understand as she coaches you. Her technique does not involve starving, but rather a diet change, timed to the seasonal availability of fresh food, and our individual seasonal body needs. One size does not fit all, but many of us can end up a size or two smaller by eating better.

Whether you focus on your business or your personal life, or both, these two outstanding professionals are dedicated to helping people just like us. The trick is that you have to be ready to work with them, ready to make the changes, and ready to enjoy all the benefits. If that works for you, then we encourage you to call Jeri and/or Christy to learn more about their services and find out how they can work with you.



How to Prep Your Home for Sale

Even when the real estate market is hot, you can still maximize the profit of your home sale – and shorten the selling time – by preparing your home before you put it on the market. Here are some of our best tips for preparing your home for sale:

Clear Out and Store Your Stuff
Potential buyers want to be able to envision themselves living in your place. It can be challenging to do so if all of your belongings are in the way of their visualization.

You can temporarily store your belongings in a secure storage space. Rainbow Movers has one such space conveniently located next to their offices. The best part about storing in our space is that we’re there every day to make sure your items are secure, and we can easily retrieve them for you and move them to your new space when you’re ready.

Make it Crisp and Clean
Stage your home with clean lines and neutral furnishings if possible. Use spare pops of color to draw interest without distracting too much from the ultimate goal – to get your home sold.

For example, you can make the bathroom feel spa-like by adding in clean, white linens and a fresh, citrus candle. Keep the kitchen modern and minimalist by clearing the counters and adding a few choice props – a shiny teakettle and some gourmet cookbooks.

Size Matters
You can make your place seem more spacious by carefully choosing your staging furnishings. Swap out the king-sized bed for a queen or full-sized bed to make the bedroom feel bigger and more relaxing. Downsize the sectional sofa by taking part of it out, or switching it for an extra-large love seat. Add more floor space in the living room by using a smaller coffee table.

You can also add space and dimension by hanging mirrors throughout your space. Large mirrors naturally widen rooms or draw more light into a darker room if positioned correctly.

Get The Right Team in Place
If you don’t have the right furnishings to stage your home, you might want to hire a professional staging expert to make your place look picture perfect. Real estate agents and staging professionals often work together to set the best tone so your property is most appealing to buyers.

We have worked successfully with many of these professionals over the years and would be happy to connect you with them if you are still assembling your team.

You can also brows through Rainbow Mover’s resources guide to find some of our recommended real estate professionals to help you sell your home. All of our resources are people that we know, like and trust to recommend to our customers.


Movers Tales: The Missing House

Mrs. Jones was an elderly woman who called us in the very early days of the company. Her plan was to leave New York City and live out the rest of her years with her husband in Western PA.

I met with her to see her building and all that would need to be moved.  Because Mrs. Jones planned to stay in New York for a couple of days before moving out, our movers were to meet others at her house who would tell them where to put all of her belongings. She sketched out a detailed map of exactly where the house was located so that the team could easily find it.

After a day of packing up the truck and driving out to PA, our movers arrived in the town but by the time they arrived, it was getting dark.  They had trouble finding the place, even with the help of Mrs. Jones’ map.  They also quickly realized that at that time of day, people in the area would not open their door to strangers in a moving truck.  We all agreed it would be best for the movers to find a room for the night and try our luck the next day.

Early the following morning I went back to Mrs. Jones’ apartment in NYC where all that remained was the cot where she’d slept-which would be left behind-and some few things she could carry with her.  When I told her that the movers couldn’t find the house, all of the color drained from her face. I thought she was going to die.

“Mrs. Jones”, I said, “let’s sit down. This is not so serious. Let’s be sure of the directions.”

We sat down. She drew me the same map and insisted that was where the house was, that was where they should go. And the guys went out and tried it again, in full daylight, even though they were convinced the map and the house were not related. They were right.

Movers have to be resourceful.  I suggested that they try to contact her husband (to whom she was related) directly.  Why not, I thought, check for a listing in the phonebook and call from a local pay phone (there used to be pay phones).

Shortly the movers discovered that her husband had been dead for 30 years, the house that they owned had come down shortly after her husband was buried, and the property had been subdivided and sold.  They discovered this because they had instead reached her brother (same name) and he was witness to the various pertinent realities. They also discovered that Mrs. Jones and her brother had a falling out several years earlier when he finally got rid of furniture that she had delivered there once before and never picked up.

This was all turning into what we in the industry call a problem.

I checked with industry elders I knew for advice, hoping to draw on their experience in the moving business. One told me that since she had pre-paid, I should tell the movers to find a flat spot on the outskirts of town, empty the truck and go home. Another suggested that I bring everything all the way back to New York and put it into storage here, leaving it for her to get it all out to western Pennsylvania a second time.

So….I asked the movers to phone her brother a second time and and ask if he would agreed to talk to me.  I asked if he would take it upon himself to sign her things into storage with a proviso that she would have the authority to claim everything once the finances were straightened out. He was a kind man and agreed to do it and to pay for the first month.

Once the crew was back home, I heard the whole tale again and decided to write Mrs. Jones a letter to try to recover some of our extra expenses.  I asked only for the cost of our extra time and the overnight stay for the guys. I figured it was worth the price of a stamp.

After a short time, she wrote me back, saying she heard from her brother that the movers were very nice and took good care of her “stuff”. She said she didn’t have the money just then to pay these extra costs, but she said that in 3 months she’d be able to take care of it.  In her closing she noted, “Mrs. Jones does not welch out on her debts.”

In three monthly installments she kept her word.