Maximize Your Space

How to Maximize Your Space and Save Money on Storage

New York City apartments are not known for ample square footage. Space can make a huge difference in the quality of life in your home. Storage can make more space for you!

At Rainbow Movers, you can store your extra stuff for as short or as long as you like. We take care of all of the details – from moving it out of your place to our storage, to protecting it, to delivery once you want to retrieve it.

How can you maximize this service so you save money, time, and can easily access your belongings when you need them? Here are 3 ways to make the most of your Rainbow Movers storage space:

Store wisely
We only charge you for the space you use and our minimum space is just 200 cubic square feet. When you store your belongings, choose the items that you truly want to keep but just don’t have space for in your apartment at the moment. You may have belongings that you don’t really need or love – consider selling those or giving them to a good cause instead of storing them needlessly.

Know your retrieval dates
Sometimes you will know ahead of time that you will need to get some of your belongings. If you let us know ahead of time, we’ll be able to save you money on the retrieval by positioning them in storage for easiest access. Be sure to discuss this with us to make the most of this opportunity.

Store seasonally
You probably won’t need your holiday decorations and ski clothes until December or your deck furniture until May. These items are ideal for storage, and since you know when you’ll need to retrieve them, you can just let Rainbow Movers know. Keeping us informed ahead of time will make it easier for us to retrieve what you want when you want it, and will save you money on storage and retrieval fees.

You can learn all about our secure storage in our services section. If you have items you want to store, you can give us a call or email us today.

We’re always happy to speak with you to find out how we can help you make your living space happy and stress free. Because happy is good!

Movers Tales: Happy is Good

Happy is Good – Moving Rituals

Some time ago, we got a call from a wealthy, established businessman who needed to move. He was living in a very nice residential hotel in the middle of New York City. The issue wasn’t that he had a lot of possessions to move. It was that as part of his spiritual practice, he needed to take special precautions when having his stuff moved for him.

The altar that he set up in his room could not be touched or moved by him after it had been established and he had made an offering. He also apparently felt he would derive the greatest benefit, for himself and others, if he lived and performed his rituals in all four corners on that floor of the building.

The hotel knew about this, and the management was perfectly ok with him living there as long as he covered the costs of cleaning and repairing any damage that he left behind.  This he was very quick to do.

So he paid the building for the cleaning of his place, and paid us to move him to the next corner. We worked with him for a few years, relocating him on the same floor so that he could cover all four corners.

We were happy before, and we remain happy, so perhaps the spirits approved.

4 Reasons to Temporarily Store Your Stuff

It’s no secret that space comes at premium prices in New York City. And the longer you stay in one place, the more stuff you tend to accumulate. So, what to do when you’re just out of space but you don’t want to get rid of anything that you have.

Temporary storage can help. Here are four reasons why you might consider renting some extra space for a short period of time:

Swapping Seasonal Items

If your closets are getting too stuffed to hold both your winter coats and summer shorts, you can use temporary storage to keep your seasonal items. Rotating your clothes gives you more space and makes it easier to see what you have.

You can also store seasonal décor so that your home has a fresh look as the weather changes. Switch out your cozy, warm décor for lighter, brighter touches in summer and vice versa when the seasons shift.

Clearing for Renovations

If your space is already packed tightly with your belongings, it can be difficult to keep everything in place while you’re planning a renovation. You can make it easier for contractors to finish the work faster when you temporarily store your furnishings. You’ll also be able to protect them from getting dusty, scratched or damaged accidently during construction.

If you want a truly seamless experience, ask us for a recommended decorator or contractor. We work frequently with some amazing renovation professionals, and can help you find the right resource for your needs.

Inheriting and Transferring Furniture

Sometimes an unexpected piece of furniture comes into your life. Maybe you inherit a piece that you want to keep but don’t yet have room for it yet. Perhaps it is something you’re giving away to your relative, but they can’t pick it up right away.

If you have no more room in your home, keep it safe and sound in a temporary storage space. You can keep the piece can stay undisturbed until its new owner comes to retrieve it or until you create space for it.

Staying Clutter Free When School’s Out

If you have a college-aged child coming back from school for the summer, you may not have the space to keep everything they are hauling back from the dorms. Store their excess furnishings and items just for the summer to keep your home clutter free.

Need temporary storage? We have our own storage facility that’s perfect for both short and long-term needs. Learn more about our secure storage or contact us for more information about pricing and availability.