The Falcon

Only a quick 60 miles from the George Washington Bridge, there is no better place to hear and see music than The Falcon.  Located right on route 9W in Marlboro NY, this is a music destination for aficionados and musicians alike.  

The Falcon Map

An easy drive up the thruway, no hassle parking, and an entirely friendly and welcoming staff set the stage for the excellent musicians from the worlds of jazz, rock, R&B, folk, latin, classical who relish the chance to play there.  Food and drink are good and reasonably priced. It is my favorite place to hear and see live music.  Tony Falco, the owner of the Falcon, sets the tone.  There is no admission or cover charge so a suggested donation box (and meals, drinks, baby sitting) provides payment to the musicians. Top players of all genres appear there happily and regularly.  

May The Falcon and live music thrive!

This is Ginger

A warm greeting for customers, a welcoming smile, a wagging tail…

First impressions count.  This is Ginger.

She greeted me at Kuhn’s Plumbing Supply store in Pearl River  New York and engaged me for a few minutes till the proprietor returned to the counter.  Ginger knows her customers who are dog people. I heard it ran in her family.  Her mother used to fill the same role at the store.

We appreciate our customers.  Even the ones that don’t speak dog. We’ll give you a smile over the phone and if our general info is agreeable to you, we’ll gladly set a time for a no-obligation in person estimate.  Our effort is to do our job well and keep our customers informed and calm.  

It’s what we’ve been doing since 1978.


The Dancing Traffic Light

5 Reasons We’re Grateful This Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving week, and we’re getting ready to gather with family and friends, to share a meal, and hopefully enjoy each other’s company.  It’s a fine time for us at Rainbow Movers, in our 35th year, to remember all we have to be thankful for:

Our Rainbow Movers team

One of the best things about running our moving business is the team that we have here.  Some of us have worked together for more than 25 years, most for a decade or more.  We share the same values – an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay and dedication to serving our customer’s needs. It feels good to get up in the morning knowing that if we do our job well today, our customers will keep returning, their associates will hear about us, and our business will continue successfully.


We love our neighborhood.  Park Slope and Gowanus have grown larger and buildings have grown taller, but they remain diverse communities filled with vibrant, forward-looking people, who occupy a wide range of ethnicities and incomes. This neighborhood still has the pulse of old New York. We are especially grateful for resources like the Park Slope Parents website, an essential online community that helps the families that we move into our neighborhood.

Our landlord and his team

As many renters know, having a great landlord is rare. Especially in the impersonal world of leasing a commercial space, good landlords are hard to find. We are very fortunate to have not only a great space for our office and warehouse, but also to have as our neighbor, a terrific landlord and his team, who are ecologically conscious, civic minded, and honest.

Our extended team

We’re also fortunate to have many wonderful resources. They are not only great partners for our business, but many of them have also become great friends. If you take a look in our moving resources section, you will see many of our friends and partners listed here. We have personally worked with all of the people, and we heartily recommend their services.

Great stories

If you have been reading this site for a while, you’ve probably seen some of our movers’ tales. Another of the rewards of being in business for so long is the opportunity to meet and get to know so many people.  Everyone has their own unique story, and it is fascinating to hear them.   Now we have some too!

I like to hear other people’s stories.  In the early mornings when I commute into the office, I love to play NPR podcasts , particularly The Moth and This American Life-engaging programs telling true stories.

What are you grateful for this year? Best wishes for a peaceful, and fun holiday!

Lenny’s Lounge – November 2014 Favorites

It has been a busy season of traveling to music concerts, getting our garden ready for the winter and of course moving families to their new homes.

“Every day might as well be the sweet spot between yesterday and tomorrow.”

Here are some of my favorite songs.  No matter your taste in music – I suspect you may agree with me on at least some (or most) of my favorites below. Share with me what some of our favorites have been this month.

What I am listening to now 

One of my favorite concert memories

Ray Charles around 1963, at a once grand old movie theater under the elevated trains in Jamaica Queens.  Full house, there with a few friends, show started late, crowd impatient, then amazing, first the band, then Ray Charles on piano with the band, then him singing, then with the Raylettes, then the crowd on its feet dancing, singing along, then the band standing too, things getting wild, the police appear-filing into the aisles and at the foot of the stage, the show being stopped, Ray Charles telling both the police and the crowd to cool down, the police back away stand against the walls, the band pick right up where they left off, the crowd still up on its feet getting right back to the party, an encore of What I Say with a new arrangement, the Raylettes back on stage for the call and answer, amazing, exhilarating, exhausting, inspiring, and then out onto the street in Jamaica close to midnight, needing to find the F Train to get to the bus, to get home to Elmont.


Resonating Resources

Many people find that after completing their move they are ready to make other changes in their lives. We like recommending people who have helped us, whose businesses are extensions of the good people they are.  They help us to keep changing for the better, in our public and private lives:

  • Driving Improved Results – Jeri Quinn is a business coach specializing in working with accounting firms, and creative and service businesses. She is a life changing person.  Find a way to meet her, start with a chat and my bet is she will change yours.  Her website has a wealth of resources to help entrepreneurs and all kinds of business people.
  • Delicious Life Health Coaching – Christy Goldfeder is a nutrition and wellness coach who empowers people to easily lose the last 10 or 15 pounds, reduce stress and increase energy while ditching the struggle and strict dieting. She works with clients in the New York City area as well as across the country in easy 7-day nutritional detox classes, individual coaching and group programs.
  • Bischof Legal – Having an estate plan is essential if you want to preserve more of your assets for your family and have the peace of mind knowing that your plan will be carried out the way you wish.  The Law Offices of George L. Bischof help people and families protect and preserve their assets by preparing wills, trusts, health care proxies, powers of attorney, and assisting with estates in probate or intestacy.
  • Orion iIT -They have expertise in most things Macintosh, but we came to know Jeff Haynor and his team when we engaged them to help us to setup the Daylite CRM program.  If you don’t want the time wasting frustration of wrestling with help pages, and online discussions and you DO want to adapt a great CRM program to your business needs, we recommend Orion iIT.


[Photo courtesy of Paul Kirk at Paul Kirk Galleries]

Movers Tales: Dog Hires Mover

It was a dark and sleety winter day, the wind blowing wet and cold, the sidewalk icy from neglect despite the midtown New York location. An entire block was on its way to being demolished and reconstructed. A beautiful building no longer beautiful enough was to be torn down, and the tenants, some there for decades, were being uprooted and forced to move out.

Enter Rainbow Movers to do an in-person estimate. It is a always a good idea to get in-person estimates from several companies, compare them, and then make an informed choice about whom to hire.

I was met at the door by a welcoming couple, their floppy golden lab behind them trying to get an in-person sniff of wet, cold me. We sat in their living room to discuss the options available to meet their needs, who would do the packing and when it all would need to happen. Dog sat with us as the subject went from the move in question to the more important things, like the changes the city was going through, the good live jazz just around the corner, and the days when the city was more affordable, habitable and fun for average humans.

Finally we all remembered that I was actually there to estimate their move, and our energies shifted to that task. Dog, meanwhile, was just fine with the laughing-telling-stories energy. As the shift began, Dog bolted into the recesses of the apartment and came back purposefully with a large, well slobbered rubber chicken dangling out of his mouth. It was to be a loaner chicken for me, and he directly plopped it in my lap. What could I say? “Thanks, Dog,” I think it was.

I’d received the blessing of the rubber chicken. His people declared that I’d just been hired. The move went well, and several of their friends in the building hired us too.

Thanks, Dog!

Moving Industry Resources

We have a wealth of resources to help you make your move easier than you could imagine.  Here are a couple sources of information we recommend checking out if you want to find out more about a particular business and/or New York transportation.

  • Better Business Bureau – accredits business through its Code of Business Practices which represents sound advertising, selling and customer service practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business. You can use the BBB website to see business ratings and customer feedback. This is a great resource if you are not sure about a business.
  • New York State Department of Transportation – regulates all public and private transportation policies and operations in the state of New York.


[Photo courtesy of Paul Kirk at Paul Kirk Galleries]

Movers Tales: Sidewalk Sale

Sidewalk Sale – How We Sold the Couch We Couldn’t Give Away

In the late 1980’s, the Rainbow Movers offices and warehouse were in Tribeca. At that time Tribeca was not yet the posh downtown neighborhood we know today, but change was in the air. Though boutiques were few, cafes with higher priced coffees and burgers began to appear. The newer residents who began the conversion of Tribeca’s lofts and warehouses into luxury housing that defines it today, became our patrons.

One of the treats we provided our changing neighborhood was an occasional sidewalk sale of items our movers had rescued on jobs, things that were being left behind by our customers. Though the movers often thought they’d have a good use for these things, almost as often they would have a change of heart once it all got back to our warehouse. As a result, we would accumulate multiple tables, chairs, dressers, TVs, computers, couches, coffee makers, air conditioners, mirrors, lamps, rugs, books, tapes and records (remember tapes and records?), VCRs (remember VCRs?) radios, desks, file cabinets, and on and on…

Our sidewalk sales began as an effort to clear out our space. The prices were so low we would rarely have anything left to bring in at the end of the day.  But there was one memorable exception: a Chesterfield sofa. Or, more accurately, what remained of a Chesterfield after a life as a plaything for our customer’s cats. We put it out on the sidewalk with a sign saying “Chesterfield Couch = FREE!!” For the cost of new upholstery, it would have been the bargain of the decade. But there were no takers.  And so it went, out and back in, out and back in, for many days.

Finally we put it out with a new sign that read, “Chesterfield Couch = $5.”  Within minutes, a man walked up and and said, “I’ll give you $3 for it.”


He took the Chesterfield couch, and we all went out for coffee (remember $0.35 coffee?).

Apartment Hunting Resources

We have a wealth of resources to help you make your move easier than you could imagine. Whether you’re just starting to think about your move or you’re ready to book an appointment, these resources will help you get started.

  • Apartment Therapy – Helps people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online.
  • How to Rent in New York City – a useful resource about renting, written by a former real estate salesperson and the New York Times and expert on real estate rentals. The site also has many no-fee rental listings.

If you are thinking about buying and/or making changes to your property – we recommend the following local businesses.

  • J. Christopher Interiors – Frank Rasizzi – Frank’s company specializes in all kinds of office and apartment or condo renovations in New York City, including bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, lobby renovations, or apartment combinations. The family-owned company that has over 45 years of experience in construction provides the full range of services, from initial planning and design, to all aspects of the construction and completion.
  • Lynn Herlihy Architecture Plus Design – Lynn is a residential and commercial architect and interior designer who is talented at creating beautiful spaces that reflect the true personality of her clients. She works on projects as small as a single room to as large as a whole townhouse or commercial or office space. She is passionate about designing spaces that meet her client’s unique needs.
  • Greenberg & Wolff – Andrea Wolff – Andrea is a real estate attorney who is passionate about helping her clients ensure that they are making smart decisions when it comes to buying a home. She is known for providing attentive service and being available to her clients.


[Photo courtesy of Paul Kirk at Paul Kirk Galleries]