Happy is Good

Movers Tales: Happy is Good

Happy is Good – Moving Rituals

Some time ago, we got a call from a wealthy, established businessman who needed to move. He was living in a very nice residential hotel in the middle of New York City. The issue wasn’t that he had a lot of possessions to move. It was that as part of his spiritual practice, he needed to take special precautions when having his stuff moved for him.

The altar that he set up in his room could not be touched or moved by him after it had been established and he had made an offering. He also apparently felt he would derive the greatest benefit, for himself and others, if he lived and performed his rituals in all four corners on that floor of the building.

The hotel knew about this, and the management was perfectly ok with him living there as long as he covered the costs of cleaning and repairing any damage that he left behind.  This he was very quick to do.

So he paid the building for the cleaning of his place, and paid us to move him to the next corner. We worked with him for a few years, relocating him on the same floor so that he could cover all four corners.

We were happy before, and we remain happy, so perhaps the spirits approved.