Hurry Wait

Movers Tales: Hurry, Wait

It isn’t unusual to get a call from a harried citizen needing something done on very short notice. Often this is what happens when too many things are planned for too little time, and time is running out.

We ran into this situation when a Gramercy Park homeowner called and desperately asked us to come right away.  She needed a dresser to be delivered to an auction house, and the mover she had regularly used failed to show.  The auction was imminent, and so was her departure time on a long awaited cruise. Our fees were not an issue but most important was that we had to be able to get there quickly.

So, hurry we did, and quick we were.  A housekeeper answered when we rang the bell, asked us to kindly wait a moment , and disappeared  back into the residence.  After 10 minutes waiting, we rang again and were asked to kindly wait a few more minutes.  Finally, the door was opened and we were led into a large formal foyer where every single item of furniture, every lamp, every exposed shelf and surface, the entire floor, everything except the dresser for auction had been covered by white bed sheets.

Making her first appearance, our customer, the desperate caller, pointed to the dresser for auction.  She hurriedly explained that in her frenzy to find a replacement for her now former (she repeated this several times) mover, she had completely forgotten to have everything else in the room covered.  So, as we waited, she helped her assistant in doing so.  Why did it all need to be covered?  The thought arose that perhaps a breathless house painter would be the next to arrive, but that was not it.

She needed to cover everything because, as she memorably put it, “You know how dusty you people are.”

We successfully delivered the dresser, and received our payment and a generous tip.  Her glowing recommendation to her acquaintances led to several of them hiring us. We turned out not to be so dusty after all.

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