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Last Minute Moving Glitches

What Now? How We Handle Last Minute Moving Glitches

Our moves go smoothly because we work with our clients and plan well in advance.  However, there are times when forces beyond our control intervene and block our plans.  More often than not, the culprits can be a varied cast of third parties – a buyer, seller, or tenant; lawyers, bankers, and title people, a realtor or building manager; or an elevator going out of service.  And then there are hurricanes and blizzards arriving on schedule, and babies arriving early.

Any of these events can mean switching the date of the move at the last minute, necessitating a progression of other re-schedules: elevator reservations, insurance start and end dates; utility, phone, and cable installations; days off from work and child care…. and of course, the movers.

For us, the movers, a change in plans can mean a lost day of work, when we turned away others to honor our commitment to you, our client.  It is why we ask for a small deposit to secure any reservation.

It is an important part of our preparations with customers to inform them that we want them to be sure enough of your moving dates. So when you book with us, you agree to accept that a date change may mean the loss of your deposit, except where childbirth, blizzards, or hurricanes are the cause (see “working with people” below) if we are unable to re-fill your slot.

The benefit of working with Rainbow Movers when things like this happen is that we are actual people and enjoy working with people.  We understand that these things happen, and we will work with you to find a good solution to get your move done at the earliest possible date, help with the calls to buildings, etc.  And we will support you if it is possible to recover your deposit from whoever may have caused the change.

As we’ve said before, we have been in business since 1978.  While we can’t say we’ve seen it all before (this is New York City, after all), we do have a lot of experience to draw upon in navigating our way around unexpected bumps in the road.  At the end of that road, we expect you will find yourself happily moved into your new home, the detours having been traveled with a minimum of stress.

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