Lenny’s Lounge – November 2014 Favorites

It has been a busy season of traveling to music concerts, getting our garden ready for the winter and of course moving families to their new homes.

“Every day might as well be the sweet spot between yesterday and tomorrow.”

Here are some of my favorite songs.  No matter your taste in music – I suspect you may agree with me on at least some (or most) of my favorites below. Share with me what some of our favorites have been this month.

What I am listening to now 

One of my favorite concert memories

Ray Charles around 1963, at a once grand old movie theater under the elevated trains in Jamaica Queens.  Full house, there with a few friends, show started late, crowd impatient, then amazing, first the band, then Ray Charles on piano with the band, then him singing, then with the Raylettes, then the crowd on its feet dancing, singing along, then the band standing too, things getting wild, the police appear-filing into the aisles and at the foot of the stage, the show being stopped, Ray Charles telling both the police and the crowd to cool down, the police back away stand against the walls, the band pick right up where they left off, the crowd still up on its feet getting right back to the party, an encore of What I Say with a new arrangement, the Raylettes back on stage for the call and answer, amazing, exhilarating, exhausting, inspiring, and then out onto the street in Jamaica close to midnight, needing to find the F Train to get to the bus, to get home to Elmont.