Moving Boxes Why Size Really Does Matter

Moving Boxes: Why Size Really Does Matter

Here at Rainbow Movers, we talk about boxes a lot on when we meet customers for free moving estimates, and also on Facebook and Twitter, because it is very important to use the right size boxes when you are packing to move or store your belongings. Here’s why:

1.  Things Fit: Moving boxes are designed based on decades of experience. When you pack a book box (12”x12”x17.5”) with books, the vast majority of books fit nicely into the box. Dinner plates nestle safely inside a dish box (18”x18”x28”) which is also thicker than your average box, allowing plenty of room for insulating materials to keep them whole. Of course there will be items that don’t fit perfectly, like an oversize World Atlas or a large serving platter. But for the most part, these boxes make it easy to organize and pack your items, and keep them safe during the move.

2. The Right Boxes Weigh Just Enough: Have you ever lifted a box of books? Books can be very heavy. So if you fill a larger box with all the books in your shelf, it might seem efficient, but you may injure yourself trying to move that box. A book box fits just enough books to be efficient and safe. The same goes for a wardrobe box (22”x24”x48”).  You can compress over 2 feet of hanging clothes onto the hanging bar in a wardrobe box. With a dish box, you can line up your wrapped dishes, or nest your wrapped bar glasses and still be able to lift it without throwing your back out. We aim to keep all our moves stress free and injury free!

3.  Specifically Sized Boxes Are Easier to Identify: When the time comes to unpack your things, the boxes can easily be identified first by their shape and size and then by the identification labeling. If you see a book box, you and the movers will know immediately that it goes in the rooms with the bookshelves. If you see a dish box, it goes straight to the kitchen or dining room. Organization on both ends of a move is a key element of a smooth, efficient and low stress move.

We are happy to advise you on the quantities and types of boxes you will need for your move. We also supply a wide array of packing materials, including boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, pads, dollies, and even plastic covers for chairs, sofas and beds. When you hire Rainbow Movers for your move, we offer free delivery of your packing supplies to your door.

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