Questions to Ask Your Next Moving Company

Planning Your Stress-Free Move

Five Tips For Planning Your Stress-Free Move

Congratulations! You found a new place to live!

Before you can lounge in your new living room, however, you need to focus on moving out of your current home. To keep your stress level down, start planning ahead with these five tips:

1.  Pick a Date

Your new lease has a start date, and that’s usually the day to aim for. If you have a few days of leeway, you may be able to pick the most convenient date for your move. Your neighborhood may be very busy on weekends, there may be a street fair, so a weekday move might be best. Or vice versa. Some buildings only allow weekday moves. The key is to pick the ideal date for you and work from there.

2.  Clear Out the Clutter

A move is the perfect time to simplify your life and throw out things you don’t need or want. You have to go through every single thing in your home anyway, so why not take advantage and get rid of some stuff? Some things are easy to toss (old clothes, old papers). Other things may feel sentimental. So ask yourself this question, “Do I need the object to hold on to the memory associated with it?”  The answer may be no and you will find that it is a relief to lighten your load both figuratively and actually.

3.  Choose a Moving Company

Unless you are a college student with lots of friends who will work for pizza, odds are you will need to bring in a moving company. We find that average apartments in New York City require 20 – 70 boxes to move, as well as living room and bedroom furniture. Of course we encourage you to use Rainbow Movers NY, but we understand you may want to speak with several companies. Read our posting, 5 Questions To Ask Your Next Moving Company.” And then call us.

4.  Make Arrangements for Both Buildings

If you are moving from one apartment to another one, check with both buildings to arrange your move. You may have to reserve the date and secure access to the elevators and delivery entrances or loading docks. There may be other moving restrictions or requirements in your buildings, and you need to know about them and make arrangements in advance. You don’t want to find out you can’t move with the moving truck parked on a New York City street!

5.  Pack Your “Here I Am” Boxes

We’ve written about Here I Am boxes on our blog, but it is worth mentioning again. Pack up 1-4 boxes with the essential items that you’ll need immediately in your new home, which may include:

  • Clothing for a few days
  • Bed linens and towels
  • Basic kitchen and bathroom items
  • Key pacifying toys for your kids
  • Electronic cables, chargers, remote controls

We ask our clients to mark their “Here I Am” boxes with a big X on all sides. Our movers will know to look for those boxes and put them in a special spot in your new apartment for easy access.

Be sure to pack any valuables and important medications that you want to take to your new place yourself.

We aim to keep your stress to a minimum by helping you prepare in advance and be ready for Moving Day. We handle every customer’s individual needs. That’s why they come back to us for their next move, and it’s also why we have been in business since 1978.

Call Rainbow Movers NY for information and an on-site estimate for your next residential or commercial move! We have a Special Offer on Storage Services too!

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