How to Plan Renovations Without Disrupting Your Life

Renovations Without Disrupting Your Life

How to Plan Renovations without Disrupting Your Life

Creating a fresh new look for your home can give new energy to your life. But doing massive renovations are challenging if you’re living in the space while they are happening.

How can you make it easier to upgrade your décor without disrupting your life too much? Here are some tips to make your renovation easier.

Clear Out Your Space

If you have a spare room, you can store furnishings and objects in it while your space is being renovated. However, if you are short on space, you may want to consider temporary storage for the time that you’ll be renovating.

In some storage facilities, you can keep your belongings for just a few months. We have our own secure storage space where you can temporarily store your things without worrying about them being in the way or getting damaged.

Break It Down

If you have to live in your space while you’re renovating, and you want to do a complete overhaul, it may make sense to break your project down into smaller pieces.

If you want to upgrade your one and only bathroom, work with your construction team to see how they can help minimize the time that the room is out of commission. Or see if they can upgrade that space while you’re away for a couple of days.

Plan Around Summer Break

If you have kids that will be taking a couple of weeks to spend with their grandparents or going to summer camp, you can plan the renovation for the time that they’re away. You won’t have to worry about keeping them occupied while your place is getting spruced up.

If you’re planning a family vacation or going to your second home, you can plan the work to happen when you’re away. When you have trustworthy contractors, they can take care of the construction while you’re relaxing. And then you can come home to a sparkling new kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

Ask For Referrals

If you need good, trustworthy resource for your renovations, just ask us. We at Rainbow Movers have a strong network of great resources that we have worked with for years and are happy to refer.


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