Sanity Inducement

Sanity Inducement

At Rainbow Movers, we believe in making moving happy and stress free. Happy is good! We’ve said this before, but we hear from our customers that they were very helped by this.

The Here I Am Boxes

When you start packing, think of the things you will want to unpack first:  your medicines or vitamins, bathroom items, and clothes for your first night and morning.

If you have children, you’ll want to make sure they also have clothes for that night and the next day, as well as their important books and toys, and anything else that will make them more comfortable.

Keep the wires from your electronics somewhere you can access them when you first move in – that way you can easily set up your stereo, television and entertainment systems so you’ll feel at home. Make sure you also have your battery chargers, like those attached to your cell phone and laptop, too.

You’ll need the kitchen essentials – a few cereal bowls or plates for breakfast, a few mugs for your morning coffee. You might even pack a celebratory glass or two so you can have a relaxing glass of wine or champagne when you arrive.

This may sound like a lot, but it should fit in a few boxes and this stuff can be packed all together if it is packed carefully.

When you pack your first day belongings, put a very distinct marking on those few boxes and tell the movers these are the ones you want to get at first. They will be sure you know where they are when they are delivered.

People say this exercise induces sanity.  We’re all for that!

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