Resonating Resources

Many people find that after completing their move they are ready to make other changes in their lives. We like recommending people who have helped us, whose businesses are extensions of the good people they are.  They help us to keep changing for the better, in our public and private lives:

  • Driving Improved Results – Jeri Quinn is a business coach specializing in working with accounting firms, and creative and service businesses. She is a life changing person.  Find a way to meet her, start with a chat and my bet is she will change yours.  Her website has a wealth of resources to help entrepreneurs and all kinds of business people.
  • Delicious Life Health Coaching – Christy Goldfeder is a nutrition and wellness coach who empowers people to easily lose the last 10 or 15 pounds, reduce stress and increase energy while ditching the struggle and strict dieting. She works with clients in the New York City area as well as across the country in easy 7-day nutritional detox classes, individual coaching and group programs.
  • Bischof Legal – Having an estate plan is essential if you want to preserve more of your assets for your family and have the peace of mind knowing that your plan will be carried out the way you wish.  The Law Offices of George L. Bischof help people and families protect and preserve their assets by preparing wills, trusts, health care proxies, powers of attorney, and assisting with estates in probate or intestacy.
  • Orion iIT -They have expertise in most things Macintosh, but we came to know Jeff Haynor and his team when we engaged them to help us to setup the Daylite CRM program.  If you don’t want the time wasting frustration of wrestling with help pages, and online discussions and you DO want to adapt a great CRM program to your business needs, we recommend Orion iIT.


[Photo courtesy of Paul Kirk at Paul Kirk Galleries]

You Made the Move, Now Make a Change

There can be something transformational about moving into a new space. First you get the chance to say hello to the historical parade of things you have valued enough to keep and keep again as you pack and unpack each individual item. Then there are the things you now have the opportunity to say goodbye to. Change can freshen your perspective as you make a new start living in new space.

So why stop with just the changes to your space and the things you put in it? Your move is also an opportunity to make other changes you may have been meaning to make in your life for a while.

Rainbow Movers is a company that aims to make the process of moving into your new home, office or venue as stress-free as possible. We also like it if we get the chance to help our clients take the adventure of their move even further by introducing them to some great people we know and trust, who provide extremely useful and forward-looking services.

Olympic athletes never make a move without consulting with their coaches, who become accountability partners in crystallizing and achieving goals. We could all benefit from this kind of coaching partnership in our business and personal lives. Coaches offer invaluable and personally applied expertise. I’d like to speak up for two coaches I know well, whose work has affected m in business and in my everyday life.

Jeri Quinn of Driving Improved Results is a business coach who can help you motivate your employees, grow your business, improve your results, or any other business related challenges you may be facing.  Whether you own your own business or lead a team in a company, Jeri can help you set goals effectively and develop the best strategy to reach them. She has helped Rainbow Movers immensely (watch the video above), and we can’t recommend her services highly enough.

Christy Goldfeder Delicious Life Health Coaching will help YOU take control of your diet!  Taking care of yourself means eating right, exercising, and getting the rest you need.  Simple, right? Well, we know it’s not always simple at all. That’s when an expert in nutrition and wellness like Christy can bring her experience to your individual needs. Christy’s down to earth style makes these concepts easy to understand as she coaches you. Her technique does not involve starving, but rather a diet change, timed to the seasonal availability of fresh food, and our individual seasonal body needs. One size does not fit all, but many of us can end up a size or two smaller by eating better.

Whether you focus on your business or your personal life, or both, these two outstanding professionals are dedicated to helping people just like us. The trick is that you have to be ready to work with them, ready to make the changes, and ready to enjoy all the benefits. If that works for you, then we encourage you to call Jeri and/or Christy to learn more about their services and find out how they can work with you.