It’s Storming on Moving Day! What Now?

It’s Moving Day!  You’re all packed, and you’re ready to move to your new place.  You wake up early and look out the window, and what do you see?  RAIN!

What do you do now?

You can plan and pack and organize like an Olympic champion.  But one thing you cannot control is the weather.  Some seasons are better for a move than others, but each one has its own delights, be it cold, wind, heat, humidity, rain, snow, or worst of all, ice.  This is when your mover needs to step in to turn your clouds into sunshine, if you’ll pardon the metaphor.

We generally know in advance about the access routes to your buildings, and the degree of weather protection they might offer.  Some have completely covered parking for our trucks, but most do not.  We then do all we can to minimize the impact of the weather by having with us the equipment we need to protect your belongings.  Each piece of furniture needs to be securely wrapped.  This may entail shrinkwrap or plastic furniture bags especially for sofas, mattresses, and other upholstered items.

If we are also doing the packing, we will ensure that each box is closed properly.  We also want our movers to be protected with the right gear and shoes to avoid slipping.  If you are doing the packing yourself, we can provide you with the materials and bring additional materials on Moving Day.  The distance between the buildings’ exit or entrance and the moving truck is usually minimal, so the boxes and furniture have only limited exposure to the elements.  In the event that the distance to the truck is greater than usual, our preparation provides the necessary protection.

Our movers will work as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible to make sure your move goes smoothly.

The bottom line is that we know what to do.  We are experienced and conscientious, and we have dealt with weather issues successfully many times.  We will get you into your new home no matter what Mother Nature throws at us.